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Little Wonder 8 Bushel Vacuum

1 Day- $75.00 USD
1 Half Day- $45.00 USD

Little Wonder Vacuums pick up leaves, acorns, pine needles, pine cones, bottles, cans, even sand and gravel. The 5-bladed steel impellor mulches the debris and cleanly drops it from the top into bag for greater compaction. The wide opening 8 bushel nylon bag is easy to empty with the lever-actuated band that attaches bag securely to unit. Air is directed down and out below the exterior vinyl bag skirt keeping dust away from the air you breathe and your clothes

• Outstanding suction
• Great compaction
• Easy to empty
• Steel construction
• 29" nozzle floats over obstructions
• High abrasion rubber liner prevents housing wear
• Hand adjustable nozzle height
• Engineered for superior balance when full
• B&S Intek 850 engine
• 2-year warranty